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What experience do staff at Green Dataworks LLC have?

We have on hand a certified expert in the Lean/Six Sigma methodology to define, measure, analyze, improve and control processes to improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Several examples of work conducted by our staff include:

  1. Data-driven slide deck generation (Microsoft Worldwide Services)
  2. Automated data cleansing (Tacoma Public Utilities)
  3. API Development (Accumula Labs)
  4. Geographic Information Systems Analysis: Voter targeting, election analysis, interactive map tools (Various clients)
  5. General Transit Feed Specification (Puget Sound Transit Agencies)
  6. Point of Sale / E-Commerce Integration (Accumula Labs)

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Chris Karnes

Chris Karnes

CEO/Data Scientist at Green Dataworks. Background in utilities, transportation, public policy, and programming. Engineer with over 15 years experience writing code in R, Python, and Bash.
Tacoma, WA