Who are we?

Green Dataworks LLC is a software and data consultancy based in Tacoma, WA.

We specialize in helping government and non-profit organizations do more with limited resources by enabling process automation with custom, cloud-based software services.

Our innovative software solutions help to bring into focus patterns that exist in your data by producing visualization and insight.

We are climate conscious: our offices run on on-site solar panels during the day and use other carbon-free renewable energy sources when the sun is not shining.  We also purchase carbon offsets of our cloud infrastructure to ensure carbon neutrality.

We are a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE, Certification Number: M4M0027644) that is registered with the State of Washington.

Chris Karnes

Chris Karnes

CEO/Data Scientist at Green Dataworks. Background in utilities, transportation, public policy, and programming. Engineer with over 15 years experience writing code in R, Python, and Bash.
Tacoma, WA