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Case Studies

Photo by José Martín Ramírez Carrasco / Unsplash

Have you ever wondered just how far you can travel using public transit from your current location in an hour?

The TransitView application leverages public data from Puget Sound's regional transit agencies in Pierce, King, and Snohomish counties to answer that very question.

With this information in hand it becomes possible for bus riders and governments alike to unravel just how much access to community resources transit riders have from particular locations, allowing targeted and strategic investments to improve equitable outcomes.

Transportation plays a critical role in determining what options people have to choose from in terms of housing, education, employment, and medical care.

When combined with other socioeconomic metrics it can empower decision makers to make well-informed decisions about where to colocate and grow resources for vulnerable transit riders, such as seniors, students, people with disabilities, historically marginalized people, and households with limited incomes.

Explore the potential of TransitView to transform your understanding of public transit in the Puget Sound.

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