Green Dataworks is a partnership of technologists specializing in data, analytics, innovation and user experience.

Chris Karnes, CEO/Data Scientist

Chris Karnes founded Green Dataworks in 2020 and began offering services as a web host with WordPress and Ghost platforms. He has 15 years of full stack experience as a software engineer and data scientist. He develops API infrastructure to support business applications and machine learning. In the private sector, he identifies inefficiencies, develops automated processes and empowers users with self-service platforms. He developed a cloud-based business intelligence platform tracking metrics and KPIs for retail and e-commerce. In the public sector he has worked in the utilities and transportation domains. Chris volunteers his time with the community as Chair of the Tacoma Planning Commission.

technical_abilities = ["", "SQL", "Javascript", "HTML", "XML", "CSS", "JSON", "SSRS", "SSIS", "MS PowerBI", "REST API", "Swagger", "Low code / No code", "R", "Python", "Spark", "Linux", "Azure", "AWS", "OCI", "Linode"]
Shane Harner, Chief Technology Officer

Shane Harner has over 12 years of experience in the technology sector, ranging from user support to full stack development. He has worked in the industrial aerospace, medical, finance, and education sectors, in positions of high impact and high security working with high privacy data governed by HIPAA, GDPR, PIPL, and the US Privacy Act. Shane has extensive professional experience with software development, data integration, database management, and network management, in addition to skills in project management, end user training and technical support, and report writing.

Technical proficiencies: [, .Net 6, .Net Core, ASP.Net, SQL, Javascript, HTML, XML, CSS, JSON, SSRS, SSIS, MS PowerBI, REST API, Swagger, Low code / No code]
Dustin Golding, Chief Experience Officer

Dustin Golding is a seasoned technology professional with 7 years of experience in e-commerce, retail, and API integration. He possesses a combination of a customer-oriented Account Executive and technical IT professional. Dustin has a unique ability to understand customer needs and provide solutions that will help grow their business. He excels at turning dissatisfied customers into happy ones by listening to their concerns and providing effective solutions to their problems.

Peter Jung, Chief Learning Officer

Peter Jung has extensive experience both in software development and social work, having worked in crisis and intensive services for a total of seven years, and software engineering for five years. He worked at the startup Nitrodesk, supporting and providing QA for the Android Exchange app Touchdown until it was acquired by Symantec, and continuing to support it while taking on a support and QA role around the Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud product. After leaving Symantec, he returned to the mental health field and began working in intensive services and crisis response for Catholic Community Services, providing 24/7 crisis response via text, phone calls, and in-person response for youth across the greater Pierce county region. He now supports disabled individuals and their families in navigating resources and complex systems related to disability, and has a deep, fundamental understanding of the needs of families in crisis. He is autistic himself, and uses this to help him understand the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities in crisis, and understand the increased need for better support around crisis response and treatment for that population, while also understanding the broader crisis support needs as a whole.

Peter is an expert in building understanding. He specializes in designing highly accessible documentation and training, as well as providing extensive testing and end user support. As an autistic adult, he has had to become an expert in understanding how to ensure others understand him, and uses this skill to provide highly detailed and relevant training experiences that guarantee high levels of learning. He has eight years of IT experience across a variety of companies, from small startups to fortune 500 companies. His experience ranges from support and QA to designing end user facing documentation and delivering training. He has a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in E-Learning and Curriculum Design, both from the University of Washington.